2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

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The Cherokee is likable, undoubtedly, but there are some deficiencies worth noting. In general, it’s the greatest Grand Cherokee I have had, and I would advise it into a moment.

How much will a Jeep Grand Cherokee tow?

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee also includes a new air suspension that may raise or lower the automobile about 4 inches.

The very first reason you should buy 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee is it has great luxurious style. It is not helpful in that mode, but if you figure out how to turn it off (order the full manual from Jeep, no charge) you will be able to set it up right.

Both are believed to be absolutely the most capable SUVs in their class. It’s also a terrific SUV if you wish to make an effort to get stuck on some back road, although actually getting stuck would take some work including all the available off-road choices.

Therefore, for anybody who is searching for an SUV that’s in a position to tow a substantial amount, both of these vehicles are a few of the best out there. It is among the few crossover SUVs on the market nowadays which is available with an optional V6 engine.

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

Jeep rates the towing capacity of the 2015 Grand Cherokee with Pentastar V6 and Trailer Tow Group Package as 6200-lbs. The GC with the V8 hemi carries a 7200-lb rating as do the versions equipped with the EcoDiesel V6. So long as your vehicle is rated for at least 6200-lbs you should be fine to tow the Vette and trailer with a combined weight of 5500-lbs.

2,812 kg
Which 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine tows the most?
Engine Max. towing capacity
3.6L Pentastar VVT V-6 3,265 kg (7,200 lb)
3.0L EcoDiesel V-6 2,812 kg (6,200 lb)
5.7L HEMI VVT V-8 3,265 kg (7,200 lb)
6.4L SRT HEMI V-8 3,265 kg (7,200 lb)

Just let your automobile decelerate. When you’ve left your vehicle, walked a couple of miles, purchased a little gas can, filled it up and walked back to your automobile, you will need to be cautious about getting the gas back into your vehicle. Our team drives every vehicle you can purchase. Simply research the kind of car you’re interested in and pick a used car from our enormous database to discover cheap prew-owned vehicles for sale near you.

2015 jeep grand cherokee limited towing capacity

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

If you continue to struggle, something could possibly be damaged in your car or truck and you will want to check with a mechanic.

This vehicle includes a 240-horsepower engine that produces a wonderful 420 lb.-ft. When you consider needing a car that may do some significant towing, often times full-size pickups come to mind. When these vehicles have the exact same standard engine as the LE Plus, they have a range of different enhancements. It’s the best family vehicle for the reason that it comes a great deal of off form of a tall wagon than SUV.

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity – Is it a Scam?

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

The 2016 Ford Escape is just one of the few crossover SUV options in the marketplace today that’s available with another engine option. Traversing water can lead to damage which may not be paid for by the new vehicle warranty.

Normally, the front springs don’t sag too much so that you won’t should do anything if you’re just restoring the ride height to a great comfy stock height.

Who Else Wants to Learn About 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity?

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

There is overlap so you may acquire heated seats, as an example, in several unique packages rather than only in one. Heated seats and steering wheel also arrive with that previous group, based on the precise configuration you select. No matter what you do, you might wind up needing to compensate the front for any lift you generate in the back.

When it’s only an intermittent problem with a sensor, it might take a while for the sensor to receive stuck again and you’ll pass inspection. In case the sensor is faulty, it could be intermittent. In any case, acceleration is simply adequate.

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity – factory tow package

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

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Buyers can pick from rear or all-wheel-drive, and a number of all-wheel-drive systems are readily available. Inside, most buyers will see a stark difference in comparison with the present Jeep Grand Cherokee. Such car auctions provide a great chance to bid and win the car that you want at a minimal price.

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity – Also 2017-2018

The exterior design is much more upscale than the present model. The most recent model of Trailhawk, in reality, is believed to be the most capable factory factory-produced Grand Cherokee ever. The petrol-powered model may also be had with an automated gearbox. Specific model and optional equipment are expected to attain the utmost ratings shown.

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity – Also 2016-2017 Towing Capacity

Its large size contributes to outstanding trailering abilities, so you’re able to carry enormous hauls without difficulty.

Towing capacity ranges from 6,200 to 7,400 pounds based on the precise trim you decide on, but in any event, you own a car that’s plenty capable of towing an adequate load.

Additionally, it’s always pleasant to have towing capacity in case you require it. In addition, the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity is really amazing and you won’t be disappointed with the power.

Your true fuel consumption will change based on driving habits and other aspects.

There’s a lot to select from, and plenty of aspects to consider when picking a used 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity.