2002 Jeep Liberty For Sale In Michigan

2002 jeep liberty for sale in michigan
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Are you looking for a perfect car for your daily commute? Look no further than this 2002 Jeep Liberty for sale in Michigan. This reliable car is perfect for family trips and road trips, as it provides a comfortable ride, great performance, and plenty of cargo space.

Product Specification

Make Model Year Mileage
Jeep Liberty 2002 130,000 miles

Product Details

This 2002 Jeep Liberty is a dependable and reliable car. It is perfect for daily commutes and family road trips. It has a 3.7L V6 engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, and 4×4 drivetrain. The exterior is a dark blue color and the interior is a dark gray cloth. It has 130,000 miles on it and is in good condition. The car also comes with a 6-disc CD changer and power windows and locks. It is ready for the road and ready to take your family where you need to go.

This Liberty is great for long trips. It has plenty of room for the whole family and their luggage. It also has a good gas mileage, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on gas. The car also has advanced safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control. You can be sure that your family is safe when you’re driving in this car.

The car is also great for off-road trips. It has 4×4 drivetrain and plenty of ground clearance. You can take it to the trails and explore the outdoors. The car also has a good traction and can handle most terrain types. You can also take it to the beach and have a great time.

This Jeep Liberty is perfect for any type of driver. It is reliable, comfortable, and safe. It also has plenty of cargo space, making it perfect for family trips. It is ready to take you on your next adventure, so don’t wait any longer and get your hands on this great car!

Product FAQ

  • Q: What kind of engine does this car have?
  • A: This car has a 3.7L V6 engine.
  • Q: What kind of transmission does this car have?
  • A: This car has a 4-speed automatic transmission.
  • Q: Does this car have 4×4 drivetrain?
  • A: Yes, this car has 4×4 drivetrain.
  • Q: Does this car have airbags?
  • A: Yes, this car has airbags.
  • Q: Does this car have anti-lock brakes?
  • A: Yes, this car has anti-lock brakes.
  • Q: Does this car have power windows and locks?
  • A: Yes, this car has power windows and locks.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Reliable, comfortable, great performance, plenty of cargo space, good gas mileage, advanced safety features, great for off-road trips.

Cons: High mileage, basic features.