Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Honda Passport

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Honda Passport If you’re in the market for a new SUV, then you’re probably wondering which one to choose – the Jeep Grand Cherokee or the Honda Passport? This article will compare the two SUVs, covering the key differences between them and their respective prices. We’ll also discuss which one is better for family life, as well as their features and advantages. So, keep reading!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Honda Passport

honda passport vs jeep grand cherokee

A comparison of the 2020 Honda Passport versus the Jeep Grand Cherokee will reveal some significant differences between the two vehicles. The Passport offers up to 15 cubic feet more passenger volume than the Grand Cherokee, while the Jeep boasts a much lower overall capacity.

However, there are a few features that the Grand Cherokee does not have, and this is one of those differences. The Passport is also more spacious inside, with 50.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row. The rear seat can be folded flat to make up for the lack of room.

Both vehicles feature an impressive array of advanced technology. The base Sport trim of the Honda Passport comes standard with an 8-inch infotainment system, whereas the Grand Cherokee’s system only measures five inches.

A new feature that the Passport offers over the Grand Cherokee is Remote Engine Start technology. This technology allows you to start your vehicle even if you’re not near it. In the Jeep Grand Cherokee, this feature is only available as an option.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Honda Passport

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has the same engine as the Honda Passport, but the Passport offers more power. Both SUVs have a 3.6-liter V6 engine. Both are mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Both can produce up to 275 horsepower. However, the Jeep Passport is a slightly better driver, with 262 lb-ft of torque, while the Grand Cherokee can hit 260 lb-ft of torque.

The 2019 Honda Passport offers more interior space than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the Passport is more rugged. Both vehicles have a curved interior, and the Passport has a more spacious cabin and more cargo room. While the Passport is more stylish and has a more simple layout, the Jeep Grand Cherokee blends luxury with rugged capability.

The Passport also comes with an eight-inch infotainment screen, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee comes standard with a five-inch touchscreen. Despite their differences, both vehicles have plenty of safety features, including adaptive cruise control and lane-departure warning.

The Honda Passport has more standard features, such as adaptive cruise control and rear HVAC controls. The Equinox does not have these. However, it does have larger wheels and greater cargo capacity.

The Passport also scores higher in fuel efficiency. It earns 21 mpg on a combined basis and has more standard features. However, it is still possible to find a more efficient vehicle if you do some research.

honda passport

If you’re looking for a versatile SUV, then the Jeep Grand Cherokee may be for you. Its roomy interior and strong off-road capabilities make it a popular choice for families and weekend road warriors alike. But if you’re looking for a smaller, more compact vehicle, then the refreshed Honda Passport is a better option. Here’s a look at the key differences between these two vehicles.

While both vehicles are capable off-road, they have different strengths and weaknesses. The Honda Passport has a reputation for quality, but the Jeep Grand Cherokee is much more capable.

The Honda Passport’s brakes are spongy and the Grand Cherokee’s aren’t as powerful. The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers more interior comfort and better handling, but its nose-dive performance may not be as good as the Jeep Passport’s.

Both models feature automatic emergency braking and traction control, but the Honda is much more versatile. The Passport has a standard easy-fill system. And it also has built-in tire pressure sensors, which ensure optimum tire inflation.

In addition, the Passport has a standard wireless phone charging system. This prevents the need for unsightly tangles and cables. The Grand Cherokee does not have wireless personal charging.

The cargo space in the Passport is slightly larger than that of the Grand Cherokee, but the Honda has a wider cabin. Its cargo space is more than half an inch larger than the Passport’s, but the Grand Cherokee has a slightly more spacious rear seat. But the Grand Cherokee also has a full-size spare tire. This is an important consideration for families. So, which one is better for you?

While the Grand Cherokee is equipped with more standard features, the Passport has a slight price advantage over the Jeep Passport. However, the Passport has a more modern 9-speed automatic transmission and slightly better city MPG ratings. Regardless, it is hard to see a reason why you should opt for the Honda Passport over the Jeep Grand Cherokee. While both SUVs are capable of tackling any terrain, the Passport has the advantage over the Jeep when it comes to safety.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Honda Passport – Comparison of the two SUVs

The Hyundai Santa Fe and the Kia Sorento both come with a four-cylinder engine, but the Sorento has an automatic transmission. Both SUVs have ample cargo space and plenty of passenger space. Comfort, connectivity and style are important factors in choosing an SUV.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is equipped with a full-color Heads-Up Display (HUD) that projects critical driving information to the driver. Likewise, both SUVs offer navigation systems and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Ford Explorer is a three-row SUV that has seating for seven passengers and offers the latest technology. Its base price is lower than its rival, and its seating is more comfortable. However, if you’re looking for a vehicle for your own use, the Toyota Tundra is a solid option. For those who don’t have the luxury of owning a truck, the Toyota Highlander may be more suitable.

Both the BMW X1 and the BMW X2 have a similar level of equipment. Both come with a 6.5-inch screen and dual-zone climate control. Both SUVs feel luxurious and offer a high-quality interior. The BMW X2’s lower ride height gives it a sportier feel than the X1.

The Armada has some upgrades and new options. While the Armada isn’t as customizable as the Infinity QX80, it still has a powerful engine. It also handles better and has a more refined ride than its competitor. But, the Armada is still the better choice. Despite its flaws, the Armada has enough to make a solid choice in the full-size SUV class.

When it comes to safety, both cars offer excellent protection. The SUV’s more robust body construction means it can absorb more damage in a collision. Both sedans and SUVs have modern safety features, but SUVs may be better at avoiding accidents due to their maneuverability. But if you have an unlimited budget and want to maximize your safety, a sedan may be your best bet. But whether you go for one or the other depends on where you live.

Both vehicles look aggressive and sporty. The Kia Seltos is more attractive on the outside. The sleek front fascia is marked by aggressive knurled-effect chrome garnishes. Its aggressive wheel arches and angular stance make it stand out. The front fascia also gives off a sporty feel. Kia is introducing a new model later this year, the Kia Seltos, which will be priced slightly higher than the Hyundai Creta.


The new 2022 Honda Passport and Jeep Grand Cherokee are both rugged, reliable midsize SUVs. The Honda Passport has a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque and can tow 5,000 pounds, while the Grand Cherokee can tow seven thousand pounds.

Both cars have similar powertrains, although the Jeep Grand Cherokee feels more comfortable for longer trips and is also more capable off-road.

When it comes to power, the Grand Cherokee has the edge in engine output and cargo space, but the Passport is significantly more spacious and comfortable. The Honda Passport’s entry-level EX-L trim offers driver assistance technologies and leather seating, a power moonroof, and heated front seats. Both cars have impressive build quality and excellent fuel economy. But the Grand Cherokee retains its value and offers a much better drive.

Both cars have similar interior space, but the Honda Passport has a slightly more rugged appearance. The Passport is equipped with a standard remote start system with a keyfob, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee requires a higher-end trim to get them. The Honda Passport has more features, including wireless smartphone charging, a power moonroof, and automatic high-beam headlights.

Both cars feature automatic transmissions. However, the Passport has standard lane-departure warning. The Grand Cherokee lacks this advanced feature, and you have to pay extra to get it.

The Honda Passport also has more horsepower and torque, and both are more efficient. If you want to maximize cargo space, get the Passport EX-L. It has 20-inch wheels. The Passport also has more cargo space than the Equinox.

While both vehicles offer impressive cargo space, they cannot match each other’s interior volume. Both SUVs are spacious enough for five adults. While the Honda Passport is more spacious, the Grand Cherokee is more comfortable for seven people. Both models offer heated seats and ventilated front seats.

The Grand Cherokee also rides more comfortably and compliantly over bumps in the road. Neither vehicle comes with as many standard safety features, but the Jeep Grand Cherokee has an optional air suspension and has 11.3 inches of ground clearance. A 7200-pound towing capacity is also available on both models.