What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires?

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires? jeepcarus.com If you’re thinking about getting a Jeep, you might be wondering what size your stock jeep tires are. After all, your Jeep’s tires are crucial to the performance and integrity of the vehicle. Here’s a guide to choosing the right stock tires for your rig. Remember, these dimensions are millimeters, not inches. In this article, you’ll learn which brand and size are best for your rig.

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires?


Choosing between Nitto vs stock Jeep tires is a great way to upgrade the performance of your Jeep without spending an arm and a leg. These tires have aggressive tread patterns and are built for extreme off-road performance.

In addition to their aggressive appearance, they offer increased traction and durability. Then there are the cost benefits, such as increased fuel economy. Nitto’s Trail Grappler is one example of a high-quality tire for your Jeep.

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires?

The Nitto Trail Grappler M/T is a deep-tread tire with 21/32nds of tread depth and stone-ejectors for added traction. Its center sipe prevents hydroplaning and enhances wet traction.

Its 3-ply sidewalls add strength and durability to the tread. And, the Nitto KO2 is very affordable and comes with an industry-leading five-year warranty.

If you want a new set of tires for your Jeep, choose a pair that can handle the roughest terrain. While Nitto’s tires are priced higher than stock Jeep tires, they will not drastically change the handling of your vehicle. The same applies to your wheels. Your car’s weight is still the same, so if you’re concerned about fuel efficiency, Nitto tires will increase gas mileage.

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires? – Bridgestone

One question you may have when considering a Jeep is what size are stock tires. The JL Wrangler has several trims with different tire sizes. The Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon are all designed for off-road use.

The tires on each of these trims are designed for different levels of performance. In order to make your Jeep perform better, you need to buy the right tires. Here’s what you need to know about each.

Your stock Jeep has three tire sizes. These are 225/75/16, 255/75/17, and 255/70/18. If you’re changing your stock tires, you will need to get a different size. Make sure to measure the distance from the hub of your wheel to the outer lip. This is known as the backspacing. A smaller backspacing means that the wheel tucks in too much into the wheel well, causing fuel mileage to decrease.

The stock tire size on your Jeep is important. Depending on how you intend to use your Jeep, you may need to get bigger tires. Jeeps were not designed to fit tires taller than 6.5 inches.

To choose the right size for your vehicle, you should also consider what you want to do with the stock suspension. A lift kit will allow you to put taller tires on your Jeep. But if you want to use it as a daily driver, it’s better to get the right size for the vehicle’s original wheels.

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires? – Nitto Altitude

When it comes to choosing the best stock Jeep tires, there are many options available. The Nitto Altitude is an excellent choice for its outstanding traction and support of the four-wheel drive system.

Its design features a special compound that is formulated to endure punishing abuse. Its aggressive tread pattern and steel braided bands are designed to improve road contact on uneven surfaces and grip a variety of surfaces.

The 33-inch size can be used on stock JKs and does not pose any trouble on the street, but it could cause a problem when off-road, as it will cause the front sway bar to disengage and make contact with the fender.

Another thing to consider is the width of the tires. Most 33-inch tires are ten to twelve inches wide. The width of the tires is an important consideration, because some 33-inch wheels will fit but they won’t work properly with the stock Jeep fenders.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 is another good option for stock Jeep tires. These all-terrain tires feature heavy siping across the tread blocks. They provide a high degree of road grip, and are great for occasional off-road driving. While it is a good option for many Jeeps, the Dueler is not the best option for winter driving. However, it is worth considering for those who want to spend the money on off-road tires.

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires? – Nitto Conti

If you are looking to replace the stock tires on your Jeep, consider replacing them with high-performance Nitto Conti tires. These tires come in a variety of sizes, including 15 and 20-inch options. You can get a set of four tires for under $200, and they come with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. You can also upgrade to a full-sized truck tire for less than $250.

Nitto Jeep tires are designed to deliver excellent traction and support for the vehicle’s four-wheel drive system. Their specially-formulated compounds are tough enough to withstand the abuse your Jeep can dish out.

Besides being durable, they have the ability to grip unstable surfaces and support the vehicle’s weight. Besides being durable, they also feature steel-braided bands and an extra-durable rubber coating.

Another option is the Hankook Dynapro AT2. This tire is made specifically for the Jeep Wrangler and is designed for highway use. It features an Interlocking Tread Design, which increases the stability of the tread blocks.

This design also enhances the tire’s puncture resistance. This type of tire also has an extended shoulder rubber and Tougher Sidewall Rubber for increased durability. This tire also offers good corner grip and traction in dry and wet terrain.

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires?- Nitto Terrain

If you’re wondering what size your stock Jeep tires are, you can find out by checking out the following information. Stock tires are made by the Jeep manufacturer, Bridgestone. They’re designed for off-road use and offer excellent traction and support.

These tires are manufactured with a special tread compound and steel braided bands that make them incredibly durable and long-lasting. The tread is designed to track over a variety of terrains, including loose surfaces, and they’re designed to last.

The Nitto Trail Grappler is an all-season mud terrain tire, which is good for highway driving, but is also rated for light off-road use. The multi-rib tread pattern minimizes tread flex and provides outstanding all-season traction. In addition, the tread blocks are siped, which helps increase traction in wet conditions. These tires also offer excellent braking performance.

Depending on where you live, the best Jeep tire to purchase will be suited for your local climate. You should check the tire size of your stock Jeep’s original tires and look for Nitto Terrain tires that are one size larger.

Then, you’ll need to decide between mud tires and all-terrain tires. Typically, mud tires are more aggressive than all-terrain tires. Mud-terrain tires are often found on Special Edition Wranglers and Rubicons. They are not for daily use, but for occasional off-road driving, they are a great option.

What Size Are Stock Jeep Tires? – Nitto Trail

When determining which tires are best for your Jeep Wrangler, you should consider what type of terrain it is accustomed to. You may be driving in warmer climates, so you may want to consider summer tires. These offer excellent traction on wet roads and great responsiveness.

Alternatively, you might want to invest in a set of highway tires. These are great for highway driving and have excellent noise-reduction capabilities. Depending on your climate, you may also want to choose a set of all-season tires.

A great way to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler’s tires is with a new set of Nitto Trail Grapplers. This brand makes a mud terrain tire that is aggressive yet smooth and quiet while on the road. The Trail Grappler is one of the most versatile tires available on the market, and it is built for off-road performance while maintaining a comfortable highway ride.

The steel belted tread edges allow you to make a bold statement on the road while still maintaining the quiet highway ride that you’ve come to expect from stock tires.

A good set of off-road Jeep tires will give you the confidence to tackle tough terrain with ease. Nitto Jeep tires are made with specially formulated compounds to provide excellent traction and support for four-wheel-drive systems. They’ll hold their shape and withstand punishing abuse. Moreover, they’re designed with steel braided bands and a strong rubber coating that allows them to track over a variety of surfaces.

Nitto Traction

Nitto Traction stock Jeep tires are designed to provide exceptional traction and support to four-wheel drive systems. These tires are made with specially formulated compounds that can withstand punishing abuse and deliver superior traction on muddy and unstable terrain.

Their steel braided sidewalls and durable rubber coating are designed to track over irregular surfaces and provide superior grip on rocky terrain. Listed below are some important features of Nitto Traction stock Jeep tires.

The Hankook Dynapro HT is a high-quality all-season tire for the Jeep Wrangler. This tire features an Interlocking Tread Design that increases stability of tread blocks, ensuring even wear and long life.

It also features CoreGard Technology and Extended Shoulder Rubber, enhancing puncture resistance. It also features the same tread pattern on both halves and offers excellent corner grip on dry terrain.

The Wildpeak AT3W is the shallowest among all the tires in the category. However, this tire features deep tread that prevents it from slipping off the wheels. This tire also features an off-set shoulder block, which is a desirable Jeep tire trait. Its outer apex sidewall is designed to act as a second bead, and its silica-enriched polymer makes it perfect for winter use.